9605 Ralston Rd, Arvada


9605 Ralston Rd
Arvada, CO


On the corner of Ralston Rd and 59th Pl, is a sweet spot that is surrounded by mixed use land and a portion of residential. Investors can dream multi uses for this triangular space. Stop by and see the incredible visibility for this location. Minutes away from Olde Town, Ralston Rd is a much traveled commute and a great area to invest in land.

9605 Ralston Rd is CURRENTLY zoned RN-7.5 (Residential Neighborhood/7500), and it is designated as a site for mixed-use development in the Comprehensive Plan. Based on the existing zoning of the vicinity, it appears "MX-N" (Mixed-Use Neighborhood) could be an option. Please see Division 3-1-2 of the Land Development Code for information on land uses permitted in RN-7.5 and MX-N:

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